Gates G-Force vs. Gates G-Force Carbon Belts

One of the most common questions we hear, specifically in the UTV industry, is "What is the best belt to run on my machine"?

One of the biggest names in aftermarket belts is Gates.  However, there are some misconceptions out there about Gates belts so I want to clear up some of the confusion.
A lot of times, people say something along the lines of "stick with OEM belts, the Gates belts aren't any better".  The missing piece of information in this is there is two levels of Gates belts - their G-Force Series and their G-Force Carbon Series.

G-Force Series

G-Force Series Belt G-Force Series Belt

The G-Force Series belt is designed to be the same as your OE belt and built with an aramid tensile cord.  These will perform similarly to OE belts, so if you're running your machine stock with no upgrade in tire size, this belt will be fine for you.

G-Force Carbon Series

G-Force Carbon Series Belt G-Force Carbon Series Belt

The G-Force Carbon Series is a considerable upgrade from your OE belt. The main difference with the Carbon belts are that they are manufactured with carbon tensile cord. Carbon tensile cord has 50% higher tensile strength than aramid tensile cord.

That being said, all of these belts are still CVT belts and when running a machine that is far from stock, with large wheels and tires, changing a belt is going to be a more frequent concern.

We have run the Gates Carbon Series as well as OE belts on a variety of machines and we have all experienced better longevity out of the Gates Carbon belts.

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