To BEadlock or not to BEadlock?

Are you in the market for some new wheels for your UTV?  Unsure if you want a beadlock wheel?  This week’s blog “To BEadlock or not to BEadlock?” will help you decide what wheel type is right for you!

When shopping for wheels there are many sizes, options, and finishes to choose from with two wheel types, beadlock and non-beadlock.  If you are unsure what a beadlock wheel is, a beadlock wheel has an outer ring that is bolted onto the wheel, securing the tire bead to the wheel mechanically, instead of with air pressure alone.

This type of wheel first became popular with trucks in the off road racing and rock crawling scenes.  With the size and weight of UTVs, and the fact they are used in almost the exact same manner, it only made since for their popularity to catch on in the UTV market.  Here are the reasons to choose a beadlock wheel over a non-beadlock wheel:

  • Running low pressure for rock crawling, sand, or snow
  • High power/torque machine
  • Extremely rough terrain
  • Racing
  • Want the extra security of not debeading a tire from the wheel on the trail

If one or more of the above reasons apply to you, it may be wise to go with a beadlock wheel and save yourself from a serious headache in the future.

Below are links to the beadlock wheels we have to offer for your machine:

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