UTV Windshield Comparison

As the UTV industry continues to grow and evolve, so do aftermarket accessory manufacturers, which ultimately leads to more options for you, the end consumer.  One of the first things to add on to your machine after getting it home from the dealership is a windshield. In this post we talk about the three main options you have when buying a windshield: type, material and color/tint.


Windshield Type

Half windshield

There are a few different types of front windshields to choose from: half, full and flip.

Half windshields cover roughly the bottom half of the opening of your cage.

They tend to be much more popular on sport machines versus utility machines, and are especially popular if you want some protection but don't want to sacrifice airflow.

Fixed position full windshield

Fixed position full windshields are an excellent choice if you want maximum protection in your utility machine.

Whether you're working early in the morning or out on a hunt, Fixed position full windshields give you maximum protection from wind and branches.  This type of windshield is also a popular choice for those using their UTV for snow plowing or in a lot of mud/water riding.

Full flip windshield

Full flip windshields offer all the protection fixed position full windshields provide, in addition to the option to "flip up" your windshield towards the front of your machine for maximum airflow.  In the closed position they also give you full protection against the elements for snow plowing or mud riding, just like the fixed position full windshield.  In the open position, you can get air flow which is great especially when cruising around at low speeds.


Windshield Material

After you've chosen the type of windshield you want, next comes choosing its material: non-scratch resistant or scratch resistant.

Non-scratch resistant windshields typically run about half the price of their equivalent scratch resistant windshields, so there is cost savings to be had.

If you want protection against the wind and are rarely running your machine through woods or near branches that would scratch it, you can get by with a non-scratch resistant windshield.

If you run your UTV through a gambit of obstacles and brush, then scratch resistant is the way to go.


Windshield Color/Tint

The last thing to decide on is whether or not you want your windshield tinted. Tint is not available for all windshield types, so if you have your sights set on a tinted or light-tint windshield, your options may be limited.

There are three different choices when it comes to color/tint: no tint/clear, light tint, and tinted.

No tint/clear
Light Tint

Typically, light tint or tinted windshields are used by more people running half windshields on sport UTVs, but there is also an array of options available for utility machines like the Polaris Ranger and Can-Am Defender.

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