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  • FUEL OFF-ROAD Wheels offered in Red, Blue, and Orange!

    As many off-road enthusiasts are aware, FUEL OFF-ROAD is one of the leaders in the industry of aftermarket off road wheels and tires.

    KJ Motorsports has partnered with them to offer some of FUEL's most popular UTV wheel designs in three different accent color options: Red, Blue, and Orange.


  • 2018 Knapp Creek Dice Run and Raffle

    Every September Knapp Creek Fire Department puts on a Dice Run and Raffle in their backyard in Western New York. It's a great way to celebrate the end of the summer, contribute to a good cause and get out with your buddies to ride about 35 miles of all terrain riding. READ MORE

  • Aftermarket Axle Comparison

    Whether you're bogging through seemingly bottomless muddy pits in the south, rock crawling out west or somewhere in between, upgrading your stock axles is usually a necessity. Today, we're going to look at three different brands of axles: Rhino, Turner Cycles and RCV Performance.


  • UTV Windshield Comparison

    As the UTV industry continues to grow and evolve, so do aftermarket accessory manufacturers, which ultimately leads to more options for you, the end consumer. One of the first things to add on to your machine after getting it home from the dealership is a windshield. In this post we talk about the three main options you have when buying a windshield: type, material and color/tint.

  • Check out GGB's XT Series UTV Exhaust!

    GGB Exhaust has been a leader in the snowmobile aftermarket exhaust industry for years. With the rise in popularity of UTVs, they recently threw their hat in the ring with the release of their XT Series mufflers.


  • Method 401-R Paired with 32" Tensor DS

    For the UTV racer and aggressive sport rider, the guys over at Method Race Wheels and Tensor Tire have come up with the perfect wheel/tire combo.

    It all started with the evolution of UTVs and the increasingly popular 72" wide machines.


  • Made in America SALE Shopping Guide

    To celebrate America's 242 years of Independence, KJ Motorsports is running a week long sale of MADE IN AMERICA products. Simply use the coupon code USA to enjoy the savings and equip your ride with high quality USA made parts. Here, you'll see some recommendations and product spotlights of products made in the USA.


  • Father's Day Promotion Shopping Guide

    In case you didn't see yet, KJ Motorsports is running a promotion from Friday 6/15/18 through Monday 6/18/18 on ALL wheel and tire kits. During this time, customers will get 10% off ANY wheel and tire kit (up to $100 discount). Use coupon code DAD10 to take advantage of the savings! Today we're going to walk through some new and popular products that this promotion applies to. READ MORE

  • Getting to know Tensor Tires

    As anyone who has recently looked into purchasing tires for their UTV knows, there are a ton of tire options flooding the market and some will be a great fit for you and some will not. Today we're going to talk about the popular Tensor Tire brand!


  • Understanding the Carnivore Craze!

    One of the first things people add to their ATV or UTV are wheels and/or tires after bringing it home from the dealer. Tire manufacturers are always trying to find the next popular thing and Maxxis hit the nail on the head with their release of the Maxxis Carnivore, just as the UTV market was exploding.


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