(Updated for 2022) Unsure which wheel offset to go with, or concerned with width gain? You're not alone. Some of the most frequent questions we get when it comes to wheels, is about offsets - did you know that for most machines, wheel offset is a preference, not a requirement? This post will help you better understand wheel offsets, and choose the best wheel for your ride.

Since 7” wide wheels dominate the market, our explanation focuses on that size wheel.

Some wheel manufacturers list offsets using the metric system and others list in our American equivalent.


Offsets listed in millimeters refer to the distance between the mounting plate and the centerline of the wheel. This is what we consider “True Offset”. This measurement will be stamped in the back of your wheels as ET (another term used to describe wheel offset).

Common True Offsets: +40mm, +38mm, +30mm, +10mm, +5mm, +0mm, -47mm.


When wheel offset measurements are listed in our American equivalent, the first number indicates the “backspacing” (the distance from the back bead to the wheel mounting plate) and the second number indicates the distance from the mounting plate to the outer bead of the wheel (also known as the “Industry Offset”).

Common Industry Offsets: 6+1, 5+2, 4+3, and 2+5.

For example, a 5+2 offset means there is 5” from the back/inner bead to the mounting plate, 2” from the mounting plate to the outer bead. Pictured to the right is an illustration of this.

The chart below converts Metric measurements into the closest corresponding American measurement and will help you better understand what each offset will add to your stance over your factory wheels.

NOTE: Width gain is not given in exact measurement. Actual width gain can vary by machine and wheel manufacturer, but generally falls into these ranges:

Industry Offset (Metric) True Offset (English) Width Gain
+51mm / +50mm / +45mm 6+1 0 - 1.5" wider per side over stock
+40mm / +38mm / +36mm / +20mm 5+2 1 - 1.5" wider per side over stock
+15mm / +13mm / +10mm / +5mm 4+3 1.5 -2" wider per side over stock
+0mm 3.5+3.5 1.5 - 2.5" wider per side over stock

This chart is based on 7" wide wheels

Now that you know what to expect from each offset, use these links to find wheels or a wheel and tire kit in the offset you need! Use the WHEEL OFFSETS filter to review the specific offsets you're looking for.