Maxxis is one of the most reputable off-road tire manufacturers in the industry.  With the increasing popularity of UTVs, Maxxis continues to be a leader in innovating tires for all the different types of riding us enthusiasts encounter.For example, the Carnivore covers anyone looking for the quintessential all-terrain tire while the Maxxis Roxxzilla is the next evolution for riders that are rock crawling enthusiasts.

The first thing to understand about the Maxxis Roxxzilla are the two different rubber compound options available.  There is the soft/sticky version of the Roxxzilla which is made in 30x10-14, 32x10-14, and 35x10-14.  The lugs on these tires are extremely flexible and conform to the rock surface you are crawling.  There is not another tire on the market that performs the way these do in rock crawling applications.

The Roxxzilla is also made in a harder 396 compound that isn't as soft/sticky, but has better longevity and wear.  The 396 compound version of these tires are made in 30x10-14 and 32x10-14.  While this rubber compound isn't as flexible as the soft/sticky version, it still performs well in rock crawling riding with the aggressive shoulder lugs, while also giving longevity on the trail and hard packed applications.

For those that are into extreme rock crawling and that type of riding is the bulk of what they do, then the soft/sticky versions of the Roxxzilla are a perfect fit.  If you do some rock crawling but also do a lot of hard packed trail riding and you want your Roxxzillas to last then the harder 396 compound tires are a better fit.

35" Maxxis Roxxzilla (sticky) mounted on a 14" STI HD Beadlock

35" Maxxis Roxxzilla (sticky) mounted on a 14" STI HD Beadlock

30" Maxxis Roxxzilla (sticky) mounted on an 14" ITP SD Beadlock

30" Maxxis Roxxzillas (sticky) mounted on 14" FUEL Mavericks